Accreditation for Facilities Management Sector

About accreditation

How Accreditation Benefits Businesses

UKAS accreditation brings many benefits and advantages to both businesses and consumers.

Benefits of accreditation for businesses

UKAS supports the delivery of quality assessment and conformity processes to the benefit of the businesses and organisations who stipulate or use accredited tests, measurements, inspections or certification schemes.

Businesses undertaking assessments for accreditation are:

  • Adding a globally recognised, peer reviewed and government endorsed process to their business tool kit
  • Demonstrating a quality-centric approach
  • Qualified businesses for markets or opportunities that require specific standards or schemes to be achieved
  • Able to identify efficiencies and cost-savings through the continual assessment process
  • Showcasing a culture of quality and transparency
  • Avoiding duplication of compliance effort for businesses accessing new international markets
  • Providing confidence to their customers of the quality, competence, safety and reliability of accredited products and services

Benefits of choosing an accredited supplier

When a business chooses an accredited supplier, they can be sure that:

  • Accredited specifications will be met
  • There will be certainty and reliability in the supply chain
  • They can rely on competence in service provision
  • They are showcasing a quality-centric approach
  • Like can be compared to like in a competitive market place
  • A traceable chain of quality performance can be expected from raw material to finished product or throughout the service provision
  • They will reduce the risk of failure and downtime
  • Accurate measurements and tests have been carried out in compliance with best practices
  • They can expect controlled and predictable manufacturing costs
  • They can demonstrate due diligence in the event of legal action

Benefits of accreditation for consumers

Accreditation gives consumers confidence in an increasingly complex, dynamic and global marketplace by ensuring consistently high standards in the quality of products or services purchased.