Our governance

Policy advisory forum & council

The Company’s Articles of Association require UKAS to establish an advisory committee: “the purpose of which will be to ensure that the Directors are aware of the views of interested parties on policy issues affecting the Company’s activities, including the development, interpretation and application of national, European and International Standards, guidelines, procedures, regulations, practices and agreements applicable to accreditation bodies and conformity assessment bodies.”

To be able respond to an increasing number of stakeholders with an interest in contributing to UKAS’ policy formulation process, a two-tier structure exists; a larger Policy Advisory Forum (PAF), supported by a smaller core group, the Policy Advisory Council (PAC).

The PAF meets on an annual basis to provide the following:
  • To advise the Board of Directors on general policy matters concerned with the development and operation of UKAS activities as set out in the Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association. This advice will usually be communicated by the UKAS Chief Executive or other UKAS Director attending the Forum meetings.
  • To communicate to UKAS the views of the UKAS stakeholders on general policy matters.
  • To raise general policy issues for consideration by the UKAS Board and Executive.
  • To respond to the requirements of the Board and Executive of UKAS for advice on general policy issues

In order to enable the PAF to fulfil the requirements set out its terms of reference, it has established a smaller group, the Policy Advisory Council (PAC). The PAC, within the broad policy direction set by the PAF, advises the UKAS Board on the more detailed aspects of policy, particularly on questions relating to the safeguarding of impartiality. The PAC may advise the UKAS Board on such matters of policy directly, without reference back to the PAF, but the PAF will be kept informed of PAC discussions and decisions by timely circulation of meeting minutes.