Accreditation for Industrial Manufacturing Sector

Industrial Manufacturing Sector Accreditation

Working with manufacturers to optimise production and deliver quality products

Manufacturers want to demonstrate that products comply with regulations and standards, and meet specification delivering at the appropriate combination of quality and value. The use of accredited services in the manufacturing process helps deliver this, but also assists in avoiding costly product failures and recalls. As a UKAS accreditation is recognised in 90 countries, it also helps access to new markets.

From quality management processes, to verification through product tests or the achievement of a national or international quality mark, manufactures can use the full range of accredited testing, inspection and certification services to boost confidence in their products. During the production process, regulations can be met and quality initiatives supported through the use of accredited assessors who are UKAS approved. Finally in the specification of raw materials that meet the appropriate accredited tests and provides the building blocks of compliance throughout the supply chain.

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