Accreditation sector



Supporting the criminal justice system through the accreditation of testing, examination and scene of crime activity

Pathology tests touch all of our lives from the day we are born to after we die. Medical labs diagnose our diseases, screen us for congenital disorders, cancers or other conditions and monitor the progress of a disease and the effectiveness of our therapies. Forensic labs test foods for allergens; water for contaminants, blood samples for dna markers or fingerprints for matches. Millions of tests take place in laboratories every day and are the unseen guardians that help identify the normal from the abnormal or the safe from the dangerous and the expected from the unexpected.

UKAS accreditation ensures these millions of tests are executed properly and competently. Endorsed by government and developed in conjunction with leaders in their field whether medical or scientific, UKAS accreditation protects from improper processes, inadequate execution, unsafe practices and under-investment in skills and expertise or poorly maintained equipment.

UKAS delivers recognition for laboratories that meet quality standards and can deliver accurate, reliable results through the following accreditations:

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