Digital Sector Accreditation

The UK’s digital sector is thriving and is supported by a world-leading digital economy and start-up ecosystem.

The sector has seen strong growth in recent years, supported by improved digital infrastructure, with superfast broadband coverage, a pool of UK and global talent and a vibrant investment community.

As described in the UK Digital Strategy policy paper, a thriving digital economy starts with the right foundations. Digital infrastructure, data, and a competitive, trustworthy online environment are the core foundations fundamental to the development and use of digital technologies that benefit our economy and society. In emerging fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), advanced semiconductor design and quantum computing, the UK is a world leader.

UKAS accreditation has a proven track record as an effective, market-led tool able to facilitate government policies from deregulation to good governance and fair market development. Accreditation supports innovation by helping to generate public confidence in new markets or new areas of policy control.

UKAS continues to work closely with UK government departments to ensure relevant standards or performance criteria can be checked and confirmed by an independent network of accredited conformity assessment bodies.

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