Assessment Managers

The duties of an Assessment Manager are unique within UKAS and we want to ensure all candidates are informed of the essential requirements that are fundamental to performing this vital role.

Conditions of Employment for Assessment Managers

When you join UKAS there will be an initial training period which usually lasts between 3-6 months and will include:

  • Induction/familiarisation with UKAS policies, procedures and IT systems;
  • Attendance on formal training courses;
  • Observation of, and participation in, assessments at customer sites.

During the first few months of this training period, when not on assessments, you will be expected to attend the UKAS office on a regular basis, which may require you to stay in a local hotel during the week. Proficiency in UKAS systems and understanding of UKAS policies and procedures will need to be demonstrated in order for you to be able to perform the role remotely.

Remote Working

The work of an Assessment Manager is not a 9–5 job and will involve early starts, late finishes and some overnight stays.  Assessment Managers can expect to spend an average of around 2 nights away from home per week, you may wish to consider the impact this may have on your home and social life.

If the role you are applying for is a home-based position and if you are successful at interview, you will need to consider making arrangements for a home office, in particular:

  • You will need to have an area of your home that will become your office that includes standard office furniture and the IT equipment required for your role (this equipment will be provided by UKAS).
  • This area should be suitably separate from your living accommodation so as to facilitate efficient working.
  • You will need to have an additional telephone line installed at your home. This will allow you to be fully operational from home during your training period. UKAS will make arrangements for this.
  • You will need a good broadband connection of to allow you to efficiently utilise UKAS systems via a remote connection. The minimum download speed required by UKAS on a broadband connection is between 4 – 6 MB.


It is a condition of employment that Assessment Managers are willing and able to travel on UKAS business by the most effective and appropriate means of transport. Assessment Managers can expect to travel an average of 15,000 miles per year for business purposes.

You will need to provide your own car, which is insured for business purposes.  Employees have the option of a company car, subject to certain eligibility and qualifying criteria. If employees are not eligible for the company car option, they will need to provide their own car.