Accreditation for Metrology Sector

Metrology Sector Accreditation

Metrology accreditation helps to deliver universally accepted definitions and standards for measurements

The accuracy of measurements is something that everyone relies on. From the amount of petrol delivered at the pump to the amount of medication patients are given, whether it is ensuring a bridge fits its allotted span or that allergens are not present in food samples, there is a reliance on the national measurement system which is underpinned by accredited calibration.

ISO/IEC 17025 is the internationally recognised standard used to accredit calibration laboratories to provide confidence in the comparability, traceability and accuracy of measurements. This can include temperature and humidity, pressure, vacuum and flow, magnetics, acoustics, density, dimensional, force, hardness, mass and volume.

The process that delivers this expectation is the ‘International System of Units’. This underpins the accuracy of calibrated equipment in conjunction with reference standards used to deliver technical competence.

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