Accreditation for Oil and Gas Sector

Oil and Gas Sector Accreditation

Playing a key role in delivering the safe, accurate and well managed extraction, refining, transportation and delivery of oil, gas and new hydrocarbon products

The production and supply chain for fuels such as oil gas and hydrocarbons is highly complex.  Yet for many consumers it is as simple as turning the switch on home heating or using the pump at a petrol station.  Accredited services and products help ensure that from extraction to delivery, fuels are safe to work with, store, transport and use, are accurately measured and will perform to expectations.

Accreditation is key to delivering confidence throughout this process. Accredited tests encompass all fuel types from solid fuels to natural gases and those oils and gasses used in industry and refineries, for medical use or under compression.

Accredited calibration determines flow, viscosity, density, temperature, humidity and capacitance.

Besides standard safety aspects, specialist inspections also review technical and commercial oil and gas measurement systems, environmental metering systems, on-shore and pre-shipment activities plus the carriage of dangerous goods by rail or road.

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