03 August, 2016

EA-3/13: EA Document on the Application of ISO/IEC 17021-1 for the Certification of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OH&SMS)


This bulletin has been published by UKAS to make interested parties aware of the publication of a new mandatory document by EA (the European co-operation for Accreditation) in June 2016: EA-3/13 M: 2016.  This publication has been given an implementation date of three years from date of publication, i.e. 20th June 2019.


EA-3/13 was developed by a working group of the EA Certification Committee with the intention of facilitating a harmonised approach to the accreditation of Certification Bodies providing certification of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.  It does not only apply to certification to OHSAS 18001 but shall also be used for certification to other OH&SMS standards such as the upcoming ISO 45001.  The introduction to the document provides more detail on its application.


UKAS will provide detailed implementation requirements in a further direct communication to those Certification Bodies accredited in the area of OH&SMS.


In the meantime the document can be obtained from the EA website at http://www.european-accreditation.org/publication/ea-313-%2027-06


If you have any queries regarding this bulletin please contact the UKAS Technical Manager – Kevin Belson (kevin.belson@ukas.com)