Accreditation for Engineering Sector

Engineering Sector Accreditation

Driving safety, conformity and quality outcomes across all areas of civil engineering

Whether it is the cranes on a building site, the lifts within buildings, the steel structures that hold up motorway bridges or the way the railways run, safety is key and quality performance, essential. The foundations of good engineering are based on accuracy of measurement, quality of raw material, technical excellence and skill in implementation. Engineering projects are also required to operate within health and safety requirements and frequently have to meet environmental requirements.

Accreditation works throughout the supply chain and across the project. Inspections ensure the safe and appropriate handling, storage and use of materials and equipment. Tests and measurements address performance expectations while certification schemes and codes of conduct underpin good safety and management practices. UKAS accreditation supports the validity and competency of this activity, and in many cases is required within specifications or under the relevant regulations.

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