Accreditation for Energy Sector

Energy Sector Accreditation

Supporting energy generation, technology and innovation and playing a vital role in underpinning the economy, the environment and individual well-being

From renewable to nuclear, green finance to clean growth – creating sustainable energy environments has become a major area of focus for governments and citizens. Research, development and implementation of innovative energy solutions is attracting private business, public funds and significant interest from regulators. Being able to assess and provide evidence of quality outcomes is vital to making progress in this area. Accreditation provides confidence that standards are met, goals achieved and performance criteria delivered.

Whether it is tests on gas, fuels and oils for reasons such as contamination, additive levels or unacceptable levels of degradation or measuring the output of solar panels and checking the operational safety of wind turbines or oil platforms, accredited assessors are delivering certainty and confidence in every step of the energy supply chain.

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