Technical Advisory Committee


The role of the Asbestos Technical Advisory Committee

UKAS has provided an accreditation service to the UK asbestos sector for many years. Initially this only included sampling and testing but, at the request of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), the service was further developed to include surveying in 2001 and then the full four-stage clearance process in 2006.

The benefits of UKAS accreditation in providing confidence in the competence and capabilities of laboratories and inspection bodies has long been recognised by HSE. Over the years the Control of Asbestos Regulations have been amended to make accreditation of certain asbestos activities mandatory. Initially this was restricted to fibre-counting, but later expanded to include air sampling and then identification of asbestos in bulk material. The 2006 review of the Regulations ensured UKAS accreditation also became mandatory for the conduct of the full four-stage clearance process.

As UKAS started to develop these services it recognised the need to consult closely with stakeholders. In response to this a steering committee was set up in 2000 to provide advice and guidance on the development of the asbestos surveying accreditation process. Upon completion of the project the value of this committee was reviewed and it was decided that it would be of great benefit to all if an Asbestos Technical Advisory Committee was established to provide guidance on all asbestos issues: This committee was established in 2002.