Technical Advisory Committee

Management Systems Certification

The Technical Advisory Committee for Management Systems Certification was set up in 2012 as a single committee replacing the previous QMS and EMS advisory committees to cover all activities accredited under ISO/IEC 17021.

Specific task groups and sub-committees are established where necessary to support specific management system areas where there is a need to focus on issues unique to those areas, for example EMS, food safety, information security.

  • Purpose

    The purpose of the UKAS MSCTAC is to provide technical advice to UKAS on matters relating to the development and operation of the accreditation process for all areas of Management System Certification, and on the monitoring of its effectiveness, and in particular, to respond to the requirements of UKAS for advice on specific technical issues, including:

    • Formulation and review of specific technical criteria and guidance to facilitate effective and consistent application of accreditation of management system certification
    • Making recommendations on the development of the content of international management system certification accreditation guidelines and to provide advice on their implementation by UKAS
    • Determining acceptability of particular procedures as a basis for accreditation of management system certification
    • Making recommendations on the acceptance of sectorial management system procedures or practices as the basis of accreditation
    • Advising UKAS on how its accreditation services in the field of management system certification might develop in response to market needs
    • Assisting in the development of Technical Competence Criteria (TCCs) for UKAS assessors
    • Identification of sources of potential competent assessors and technical experts
    • Impact of European and other international initiatives
    • The need for the establishment of specialist sub-committees and/or task forces


  • Constitution

    The Chairman of the Management Systems Certification TAC is independent of UKAS and is appointed by the UKAS Technical, Quality & Risk Director for a three-year term, and may be re-appointed for a further term or terms.

    Members of the Management Systems Certification TAC are appointed by invitation from UKAS. They are selected on the basis of having the necessary technical knowledge and expertise to contribute to the work of the committee, and, when relevant, for their ability to act as a representative of their organisation, sector or other interest. The Committee Members shall represent a range of management system certification stakeholder interests including government departments, accredited certification bodies and industry representation.

    Membership is reviewed by UKAS in conjunction with the Chairman at least every three years.  Other parties may attend meetings of the MSCTAC at the invitation of the Chairman and with the agreement of UKAS.

    On matters requiring specific technical expertise, task groups may be set up. UKAS will identify and appoint a chairman for the task group, either following recommendation from the TAC or on the basis of other knowledge of the required skills and expertise. UKAS and the TAC will agree the membership of the task group. The task group will appoint a secretary as necessary.

    Task groups shall be set up for a limited period only, normally not more than one year, with a specific remit of actions and will be disbanded once the actions are completed. They will meet as often as necessary to complete the tasks in the timescale set. Task groups will report to the TAC either through the TAC Secretary or by Attendance of the task group chairman at the TAC as appropriate.

  • Procedures

    The MSCTAC typically meets every six months with the option for additional meetings or electronic communications as necessary if urgent items arise.

  • Management Systems Certification TAC Representatives
    Dave Thomas – MOD TAC Chair – end user
    Wayne Terry – ABCB Certification Bodies – nominated by ABCB
    Steve Russell – NQA Certification Bodies – nominated by ABCB
    Jenny Butler – LRQA Certification Bodies – nominated by IIOC
    Gary Jones – GCL International Certification Bodies – nominated by FCB
    Stefan Kukula – EEMUA CB customer representative
    Steve Davy – Highways England Government Body
    Lance Williams – Highways England Government Body
    Alexander Woods – CQI Professional Institute
    Lucy Candlin – Planet and Prosperity Professional Institute
    Niall Kealey – SMMT Professional Body
    Ben Keen UKAS external assessor
    Steve Randall – UKAS UKAS member
    Kevin Belson – UKAS Secretary