» Technical Committees

The internal technical expertise held within UKAS is supplemented by a number of Technical Advisory Committees whose role is to provide advice on technical matters related to the development and operation of UKAS activities.

The committees are advisory and non-executive, and provide a forum for input from various bodies and individuals with an interest in UKAS activities, for example, professional bodies, accredited organisations, customers, and regulatory bodies. A Technical Advisory Committee normally comprises invited members capable of providing technical advice from the perspective of:

  • UKAS assessors
  • UKAS accredited bodies
  • Customers of UKAS accredited bodies
  • Independent specialists
  • Governmental specialists
  • Academia
  • Government regulators
  • Relevant professional institutes
  • UKAS staff

UKAS may seek advice from these committees on a number of specific technical issues, including:

  • The formulation and review of specific technical criteria to facilitate effective and consistent application of UKAS’ activities
  • The acceptability of particular procedures as a basis for accreditation
  • The identification of potential assessors and sources of assessors
  • The need for and conduct of proficiency testing and inter-laboratory comparisons
  • The impact of European and other international initiatives
  • The need for the establishment of specialist task forces

The UKAS Technical Director appoints the Chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee and UKAS formulates the membership in conjunction with the Chairman. Service on a committee is by personal invitation of UKAS.

Details of the Technical Advisory Committees currently formed, together with contact details of the committee secretaries are given below. Further committees may be formed as required to meet new technical challenges.


UKAS Committee Secretary

Secretary Contact Number


Louise Wainwright

01784 428 920

Acoustics Industry

Grant Swankie

01784 428 913

Agri-Food & Biosciences

Rachel Oakley

01784 428 844

Chemistry (Royal Society of Chemistry - AMC)

Janice Haines

 01784 428 846

Construction Industry

Paul Donald

01784 428 862

Engineering Inspection

Richard Hellon

01784 428 991

Forensic Sciences

Katherine Monnery

01784 428 815

Mechanical & Materials

Carl Barrett

01784 428 744

Medical Laboratories

 Ben Courtney

 01784 428 861

Non Destructive Testing

Alasdair Caldwell

01784 428 782

Management Systems Certification

Kevin Belson

01784 428 740

Proficiency Testing Providers (UK PT Working Group)

Delia Geary

01784 428 864

Reference Material Producers (UK RM Working Group)

David Lowe

01784 428 824