What is accreditation?

Accreditation determines the technical competence, reliability and integrity of Conformity Assessment Bodies. It spans all aspects of our every day lives to provide confidence that accredited organisations are competent and can be trusted to deliver promised levels of performance and protection for the products and services we rely on.

Organisations check conformity and compliance with standards and regulations through testing, verification, inspection and calibration. Through UKAS accreditation test results can be trusted, measurements relied upon, certificated activities respected and inspected equipment and processes can be relied upon to operate safely and accurately.

The provision of accreditation must:

  • Be undertaken impartially;
  • Be objective, transparent and effective;
  • Employ highly competent assessors and technical experts in all fields;
  • Use assessors (and subcontractors) proven to be reliable and ethical in their approach to accreditation and their respective technical fields.

Accreditation drives confidence in all sectors by underpinning quality of results, ensuring their traceability, comparability and validity. UKAS accreditation ensures the highest levels of impartiality and competence through the continuous assessment process.