Collaborative Business Relationship Management

Associated Standards

  • ISO 44001:2017 Collaborative Business Relationship Management Systems 
  • ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 Conformity assessment – Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems – Part 12: Competence requirements for auditing and certification of collaborative business relationship management systems 

About the programme

The Collaborative Business Relationship Management Systems Standard helps organisations develop their business relationships collaboratively, realising commercial advantages and enhancing efficiency. 

UKAS is developing an assessment approach for the accreditation of certification for ISO 44001 to ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015. It will also take into consideration the expectation of ISO/IEC TS 17021-12:2020 

As this standard is a new area of accreditation, UKAS has invited expressions of interest to participate in a pilot Assessment programme, which is now underway. 

Current status

The 2020 outbreak of COVID-19 has caused delays to this programme as it was necessary for participating Certification Bodies to switch attention to core business products.   

UKAS adapted to the pandemic by implementing remote assessments and in August 2020 we were able to notifpilot applicants that the temporary suspension had been lifted and that remote assessment would be progressed for those wishing to continue. 

Once all pilot applicants have responded, UKAS will establish new programme dates.