Ophthalmic and Vision Science

Associated Standard

  • IQIPS standard

About the programme

UKAS has performed assessment for accreditation against the IQIPS standard since 2012 for 8 physiological Science services. The scope of accreditation and finalised standard was not completed at initial conception for the vision science community and so only 7 of the 8 disciplines have been engaged with the accreditation process to date.

Following discussions with stakeholders within the Ophthalmic and Vision Science community and acceptance of the revised IQIPS standard together with a defined scope of activity UKAS now intends to extend this accreditation into the Vision Science discipline.

Current status

UKAS issued an expression of interest notice in April 2020 and hosted a meeting in November 2020 for interested parties. The deadline for applications for this pilot has been removed and we are still able to accept applications for this project.

For further information on this project please contact Emily Robinson – [email protected]