Accreditation for Facilities Management Sector

Facilities Management Sector Accreditation

Facilities management accreditation assists with achieving high quality outcomes in the integration of people, places and processes within the built environment

Facilities managers aim to deliver environments that enable high quality working conditions and the optimal setting for productivity. The baseline for this is health and safety, but it includes environmental controls and increasingly sustainability requirements.

Facilities managers co-ordinate the demand and supply of products and services to maintain the good management of buildings for the benefit of their occupiers. By specifying UKAS accreditation within their requirements, facilities managers are able to trust the quality and compliance of supplied goods and services.

This can cover areas as diverse as fire safety inspections, asbestos surveys, legionella risk assessments, pressure vessel and lift inspections, acoustic tests, and ambient air quality as well as certification of products such as alarms and security systems.

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