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Technical Assessors – Digital Forensics

Are you an experienced digital forensics practitioner with a passion for quality?

Are you looking for a challenge or to expand your experience?

Are you looking for an opportunity to give something back by improving quality in the forensic community?

UKAS is currently looking for Digital Forensic Experts to work with us as Independent Technical Assessors.

The Role:

Digital Technical Assessors attend organisations that are seeking or maintaining accreditation, as a critical part of the Assessment Team to confirm conformity and compliance to specific accreditation standards, mainly ISO 17025 and/or 17020 and the FSR Codes of Practice.

Technical Assessors generally continue to work with their current employer, maintaining up to date knowledge in their field, and deliver the Technical Assessors role contracted either through their employer or in their own time (if agreed with their employer). Many of our current Digital Technical Assessors continue to work within Police Forces or FSP’s, while some are recently retired but keen to remain committed to improving quality within their field.

The Rewards:

Technical Assessors play a key role in part of the national accreditation assessment programme, improving quality and increasing confidence in their sector.

They receive recognised training in the relevant standards and assessment techniques.

They attend regular professional development days.

They become part of a small national network of Technical Assessors.

Once authorised as competent they are paid an agreed rate for work undertaken and reimbursed for required travel and subsistence (in accordance with HMRC guidelines).

The Requirements:

The successful applicants will have a number of years practical experience, preferably at a senior level, in one or more of the following:

  • mobile phone examination;
  • computer analysis;
  • audio enhancement;
  • CCTV & video examination/enhancement.
  • information security for forensic laboratories (as per the FSR Codes).

In addition, they should demonstrate:

  • an understanding of the requirements of the Criminal Justice System;
  • a working knowledge of ISO/IEC 17025;
  • excellent interpersonal skills, being able to communicate effectively with laboratory staff, management and their customers at all levels.
  • a high degree of knowledge and experience with respect to case assessment and interpretation as well as applicable techniques/methods and limitation of commercial tools used in the field;
  • a firm understanding of the principles of validation and quality control procedures, and of their effective implementation.

The Expectations:

Technical Assessors must be available for assessments for a reasonable number of days throughout the year.

They will be expected to maintain professional competence in their field.

They must be prepared to undertake reasonable travel.

They must be prepared to undergo security vetting.

It is important that our assessors are acceptable to a wide range of accredited bodies, and therefore they must demonstrate a good degree of impartiality

If you are interested and would like to discuss the details of the above opportunities please contact Talent Acquisition Manager, Andy Green on 07827 096408 or email [email protected]

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