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  • Closing date: 12 February 2021

Technical Assessors & Experts – private provider COVID-19 Sampling

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is the sole national accreditation body for the United Kingdom. Accreditation by UKAS demonstrates the competence, impartiality and performance capability of these evaluators.

As our health and care system continues to face huge challenges as it works to tackle COVID-19 within its communities. UKAS is looking to increase its resource of healthcare professionals to join our Assessment teams in the Accreditation of Covid-19 testing – Private Providers as Technical Assessors or Experts. This will involve the accreditation of organisations providing swabbing sampling services for Covid-19 testing for test to release programmes.

As part of this important work we are looking for qualified allied health professionals, pharmacy and dental professionals, healthcare scientists, preferably with first-hand experience of undertaking swabbing such as Covid-19, or MRSA swabs, and of experience of clinical and observational audit from across the country to support the accreditation process. The role will be undertaken remotely due to current Pandemic restrictions.

Technical Assessors or Experts are part of a team of individuals which conduct  an assessment of an organisation to confirm conformity and compliance to specific accreditation standards.  There will be a lead assessor, normally a UKAS employee, who will assess each organisation along with the technical assessor. UKAS is looking for Technical Assessors or Experts to be able to provide at least 5-10  days per year for assessment work.

Typical assessments will take around 1 day. Preparation time would also be required as well as any close out effort assigned which is determined at the end of the assessment (to review evidence of corrective actions from the assessment).

Technical assessors are required to witness the staff in private provider clinic situations undertaking specific sampling/swabbing activities and comment on their competency and compliance to their procedures.  In addition, technical assessors will review organisations documentation and records to confirm effective implementation of the system.

The work could be delivered either through a contract between UKAS and the Technical Assessor’s employer directly or the Technical Assessor may opt to do the assessments in their own personal time, if agreed with their employer. If the latter option is taken a contract would be required between UKAS and the Technical Assessor directly and the assessor will need to have liability insurance. UKAS Technical Assessors are offered work with UKAS on a third party sub-contract basis. The quantity of work available depends on the needs of the business and UKAS cannot guarantee an amount of work to be offered. Payment is made on the basis of a daily fee.

Training or awareness is provided in the relevant standard used for accreditation (ISO/IEC  17025 or ISO 15189) and through the attendance at a UKAS training or briefing events.  Once trained and authorised as competent UKAS will pay an agreed rate for work undertaken.  An agreement and confidentiality undertaking will need to be signed prior to services being used.

How to apply

To express an initial interest in becoming an assessor for this scheme, please complete this form and email a copy of your CV  with a covering letter to [email protected] by 12th February.