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Technical Assessors – Water Treatment Industry – Biosolids

UKAS is looking for technical experts in the water industry to take part in assessments of certification bodies performing audits of the processes of treatment and disposal of biosolids/sewage sludge.


In particular UKAS is inviting applications from those with knowledge of the water treatment industry, methods of sewage treatment, methods of sampling and analysis, typical inputs and outputs, typical uses of the outputs.


The assignments will suit those who have recently retired from the industry, independent consultants or those who currently work in the industry who wish to gain assessment experience.


It is important that our assessors are acceptable to a wide range of accredited bodies, and therefore it is important that they can demonstrate a good degree of impartiality.


UKAS contracts independent technical assessors on a day rate basis, the level of work depends on the demands that our customers place on us and therefore UKAS cannot guarantee specific levels of work.


If you are interested and would like to discuss the details of the above opportunities please contact the Operations Support Team on 01784 429000 or email [email protected]


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