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Appeals process

An applicant or accredited body may formally request UKAS to reconsider an adverse accreditation decision which has been made and which relates to its desired accreditation status.


If an applicant or accredited body wishes to submit an appeal it should be submitted in writing to the UKAS Accreditation Director (or nominated person), within one month of the date of written notification of the adverse accreditation decision. Any adverse accreditation decision that is the subject of an appeal will remain in force during the appeal process unless a change is agreed at the end of the Stage 1 and/or Stage 2 process.

An appellant may withdraw the appeal at any time during the process. If for any reason the appeal is withdrawn, UKAS will not accept a future appeal on the same grounds.

  • Stage 1 of the appeals process

    The first stage is for the appeal to be considered internally within UKAS and the process is as follows:

    • On receipt of an appeal UKAS will verify all necessary information to validate the appeal. If the issues detailed are not considered to fall within the definition of an appeal, the appellant will be notified as to why and given the option to pursue their concerns in accordance with the UKAS complaint process.
    • If, following this verification, it is determined that the subject of the appeal is an adverse decision relating to the desired accreditation of an applicant or accredited body, UKAS will acknowledge receipt within two working (business) days of receipt.
    • UKAS will appoint a senior manager who has not been directly involved in the assessment or decision-making process for the appellant organisation, and who is familiar with the applicable UKAS requirements and processes, to investigate the appeal.
    • The stage 1 investigation will be completed, and the appellant will be informed in writing of the outcome within 1 month of the receipt of notice of the appeal.
    • Should the appeal by upheld, UKAS will take appropriate corrective action and amend/change the decision.
  • Stage 2 of the appeals process

    Following the conclusion of the Stage 1 process, and if the appeal is not upheld, the appellant may request a Stage 2 review. The process for this is as follows:

    • The appellant or UKAS may request the appointment of an Appeal Review Panel (ARP) to further consider the appeal. Any request for the ARP must be made within 3 months of the written notification of the outcome of Stage 1. If no such request is made within this timeframe the appeal will be closed.
    • The request for an ARP must be made in writing and marked for the attention of the Accreditation Director (or nominated person).
    • The ARP will consist of three persons, made up of a Chairman and two members nominated by the Chairman of UKAS. The membership of the ARP will be drawn from the Members of UKAS and/or the Policy Advisory Council. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has a right to one of the three nominations for the ARP. The ARP members shall have no commercial interest in the appeal under consideration and shall not have been personally involved in any of the matters relating to the appeal.
    • The appellant has the option to object once to the membership of the ARP, after which the Chairman of UKAS will select a replacement member(s).
    • If the ARP determines it necessary, a hearing will be held at which both the appellant and UKAS will present their case. Experts and witnesses may also be called to attend the hearing. Any supporting documentation which the appellant requires the ARP to consider must be submitted to the Chairman of the ARP at least 5 working (business) days ahead of the hearing.
    • The ARP will consider the evidence and make a recommendation to the UKAS Chief Executive, within one month of the constitution of the ARP.
    • The UKAS Chief Executive will make the final decision and inform the appellant in writing to the outcome of the appeal, within 3 working (business) days of receipt of the recommendation from the ARP. A copy of the Conclusions and Recommendations from the ARP will be provided to appellant.
    • Should the appeal by upheld, UKAS will take appropriate corrective action and amend/change the decision. If the appeal is not upheld UKAS will not accept a future appeal on the same grounds.
  • Submitting your appeal

    To submit an Appeal, please sent it and any supporting information to:

    Email: [email protected]

    Post: FAO UKAS Accreditation Director
    United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)
    2 Pine Trees
    Chertsey Lane
    TW18 3HR