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How to use the UKAS accreditation symbols

UKAS accredited organisations, and in the case of certification bodies their certificated clients, are able to benefit from visually identifying their status through the use of the national accreditation symbols. In doing so however the organisation displaying them shall not mislead anyone; devalue or degrade the symbols; use them illegally (they are protected trade marks); or use them contrary to the recognised accreditation standards and/or associated guides.

All UKAS accredited organisations wishing to use the national accreditation symbols must do so in accordance with the conditions detailed in The National Accreditation Logo and Symbols: Conditions for Use.

UKAS encourages the use of the national accreditation symbols for promotional purposes provided the conditions of the Accreditation Logo & Symbols are met. A summary is provided below but if you wish guidance or clarification contact [email protected]

If you are an UKAS accredited organisation you may use the symbols on:
  • Certificates and reports relating to those activities covered under your UKAS accreditation. Any unaccredited results or information contained in the certificate or report must be clearly disclaimed
  • Quotations and estimates. These shall however, clearly indicate those activities which are not UKAS accredited.
  • Corporate Stationery e.g. letterheads, compliment slips, invoices
  • Internal Walls and doors
  • Exhibition stands
  • Websites – This is provided the extent and limitations of the accreditation held is clearly described. For example accredited testing of calibrations laboratories may use the symbol on all pages of its website provided they have a clear statement/disclaimer alongside the symbol describing the extent/limitation of its accreditation i.e. “Our accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS schedule of accreditation found here.”
The UKAS accreditation symbols may not be used on:
  • Vehicles
  • Buildings and Flags
  • Goods or products unless these have been manufactured under an accredited product conformity scheme.
  • Primary packaging e.g. blister packs
and in the case of the national accreditation symbols for certification activities may not be used on:
  • Reports and certificates issued by Laboratories, Inspection bodies, Proficiency Testing Providers, Reference Material Producers and Medical Diagnostic Service Providers.

Copies of the national accreditation symbols are available to organisations directly accredited by UKAS by emailing [email protected], quoting your accreditation number.

Transition timeframes following 2021 branding refresh:

In January 2021, UKAS launched its new national accreditation symbols, designed to better illustrate the diversity of what UKAS accreditation encompasses and to reflect UKAS as a modern, international and forward-thinking organisation.

A timeframe was provided for all accredited customers to transition their use of the UKAS symbols of accreditation from the old branding into the new. You can read more about the transition periods for customers in our Technical Bulletin here.

As of 1st February 2022 it has been expected that all digital materials relating to the symbols of accreditation be in the new branding.

From 1st February 2023 it is necessary for all printed materials relating to the symbols of accreditation be in the new branding.

The final deadline is 1st February 2024, after which all UKAS certificates of accreditation must be in the new branding.

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