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IAF CertSearch is the Global Database for Accredited Certifications. Businesses and Governments are demanding greater transparency across organisations and supply chains. They rely on accredited certifications to make important decisions when developing their supply chains. However, due to the value of accredited certifications, many organisations claim to hold them when in fact they don’t.

IAF CertSearch will be a central site for the accredited network globally where it will be possible to validate individual accredited certifications from any economy in the world in real time.

This area of the site will be updated to provide you with details of the planned launch dates for IAF CertSearch, details of how you, as certification bodies, can participate, and general support materials that are distributed by IAF. 

IAF CertSearch aggregates data on Accreditation Bodies from the IAF (such as UKAS), Certification Body data from UKAS and certification data from you as Certification Bodies. It enables users, such as purchasers or Regulators, from around the world the ability to validate individual certifications held by organisations certified by a certification body which is accredited by an IAF Accreditation Body member. In addition it allows any user to validate which Certification Bodies are accredited and which Accreditation bodies are IAF Members. 

It will allow a user to validate individual certifications in cases where the validation users know the “company name” or “certification ID” (Known entities). Users will not be able to generate “lists” of any kind. The technology has been designed to be compliant with all international privacy and data regulations and structured to ensure that the data provided by Certification Bodies remains secure and will not be sold at any time.

IAF CertSearch and its supporting technology (an IAF CertSearch mark and Certified Trade Marketplace) will increase awareness, education, value and integrity of accredited certification. It will further differentiate accredited certification and highlight the benefits of accredited certification. The increased awareness and support from industry will drive stronger demand for accredited certification. As certification bodies, your involvement in IAF CertSearch is voluntary, however, we strongly encourage full participation by all Certification Bodies.

IAF will be contacting you with instructions to activate your account and how to establish a data feed in early April. Once the data feed process is established, Certified Entities in your network can activate their account so their certifications are searchable and can be validated. The IAF CertSearch technology is offered to Certification Bodies and Certified Entities at no cost to your organisation. Data protection and security has been a core principle of IAF CertSearch, and so the security structure has been implemented to protect the interests of Accreditation Bodies, accredited Certification Bodies and Certified Entities.

IAF has provided the following detailed information:

  1. Certification Body Guide – a detailed guide on the system and its structure
  2. Certification Body Brochure – a summary action list with milestones
  3. Certified Entity Flyer – a short guide that introduces the system to your clients
  4. Certification Body Activation User Guide Video – a user guide video 
  5. Legitimate Interest Assessment & Summary

IAF CertSearch has already received a significant number of certifications. There is significant support from all levels of the accredited certification network, industry, government and regulators. IAF CertSearch will be digitally promoted by industry associations, industry users, global trade organisations, regulators, governments, the IAF, Accreditation Bodies, Certification Bodies and Certified Entities from all over the world as the trusted source for validating accredited certification whilst educating users on the benefits of accredited certification.

Should you have any questions or require assistance, please contact info@iafcertsearch.org