All UKAS Certificates of Accreditation are issued electronically.  Through our digital certificate solutions provider, Accredible, we can provide an accurate and up-to-date live database of all UKAS accreditation certificates.

This system provides a mechanism for the validation of UKAS accreditation certificates through QR code technology and Blockchain, meaning certificates can be easily and quickly validated in either print or electronic format.

Accredited organisations can promote their accredited status by displaying digital copies of these certificates on websites, email signatures and social media. If you need assistance with the link to your certificate contact us.

Any certificate of accreditation bearing the UKAS logo that cannot be verified via our database (accessed through the QR code present on the certificate) should be considered obsolete or questionable.

Please note that UKAS Certificates of Accreditation are a supporting document to an accredited organisations Schedule of Accreditation, and these documents should be used in conjunction with one another.

UKAS E-certificates do not contain an expiry date. All certificates listed on Accredible should be considered as current and valid as read in conjunction with the UKAS schedule of accreditation