» Holistic Quality Management for the Healthcare Sector

16 November, 2020

Healthcare services including Medical laboratories, Imaging and physiological science (incl. audiology, cardiology and respiratory) and affiliated healthcare service providers need to have sound mechanisms to enable them to deliver technically valid services and examination results to their users and patients. When such organisations seek to have their competence recognised through accreditation by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service, these processes should also enable the healthcare providers to demonstrate that they meet the requirements for an effective quality management system (as well as conformance with ISO 15189). This course provides key elements of the Laboratory Internal Audit course and effective Laboratory Management subject matter in relation to healthcare standards.

Participation in this course will develop skills and competence for various staff roles, including those responsible for quality management & coordination, technical leads or service management within an organisation. 

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What are the benefits?

Learners will develop an understanding how the organisational processes of a healthcare service provider can be combined effectively with the requirements of ISO 15189, IQIPS v2.0 and QSI 2019. They will appreciate how effective service management can be integrated with principles in key areas of compliance. This will include robust internal audit processes, competence development, non-conformance analysis, management review and their value to excellent service provision. The application of these tools will enhance the delivery of the service for its users and in turn assist in the conformance with the requirements of Healthcare standards.

By the end of this course you will: 

 - Be able to apply your knowledge and understanding of the principles to a wide variety of situations to allow the design, planning, justification and delivery of internal audits.

 - Have a basis for deciding which tasks fall within the remit of Quality Management roles, Technical Manager roles and Leads.

 - Understand how effective management controls can be designed and implemented

 - Have the skills and knowledge to undertake a structured preparation for UKAS assessment.