» QSI & IQIPS Preparation for Accreditation Workshop

19 November, 2020

UKAS holds regular one-day workshops designed to help organisations to prepare for assessment. These workshops are aimed at management and personnel of non-accredited physiological and imaging diagnostic services/providers who are considering applying for accreditation to the IQIPS/QSI standards. It includes practical exercises, covers a variety of topics and, most importantly, it provides a valuable opportunity for you to ask any questions.

What are the benefits?

This workshop provides services/providers with an overview of the concept of accreditation. It covers the key aspects associated with the accreditation process and provides service management and personnel preparing for accreditation and initial assessment with important information.

Workshop Programme

 - Welcome and introductions

 - Overview of UKAS and the IQIPS scheme

 - Background to Quality

 - Accreditation processes

 - Evidencing requirements

 - Internal audit

 - Open forum and course conclusion