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IQIPS Standards & Web-based Assessment Tool

The IQIPS Web-based Assessment Tool has been specifically designed to support the UKAS assessment and accreditation process for the IQIPS scheme. It is therefore only available to UKAS customer organisations that have applied for, or have been granted, UKAS accreditation against the IQIPS standards.

Access the IQIPS Web-based Assessment Tool

The IQIPS Standards are available as a PDF download. IQIPS Standard v1:2012:

IQIPS Standard v2:2020 published October 2020 - this will replace IQIPS Standard v1:2012 following a transition period. You can download a gap analysis form here.


Further information:

To find out more, please do not hesitate to contact the IQIPS team at UKAS IQIPSCustomerService@UKAS.com