» Brexit ‘no deal’ technical notices published by DExEU

30 August, 2018

UKAS welcomes the publication of the first tranche of 25 technical notices which gives an indication of the Government’s planning should the UK be unable to have a negotiated Withdrawal Agreement in place with the EU by March 2019.  However, UKAS notes that the papers released so far do not cover policy in regard to the technical regulation which UKAS accreditation supports.

We continue to have close contact with BEIS, DEXEU and DIT and will be encouraging them to ensure that the further technical notices, including the Trade Agreement Continuity Notice,  due to be published in September provide clarification of these issues.

In the meantime,  UKAS recommends that UKAS direct and indirect customers involved with the import or export of goods register for the HMRC’s EU Exit update emails at  https://public.govdelivery.com/accounts/UKHMRCED/subscriber/new?preferences=true#tab1