» Combisafe International – “Safety at height” is paramount for market leading manufacturer in construction

04 March, 2015

Combisafe International Ltd. has developed a reputation for being a market leader in the development of innovative ‘safety at height solutions’ within the international construction sector. Established in Sweden in 1984, the organisation has continued to focus on delivering the best in temporary collective protection solutions within the construction industry. It also ensures it continues to deliver superior customer service combined with technical and engineering design support.

Operating within international markets, Combisafe adheres to the Quality Management Standard, ISO 9001 and the Environmental Management Standard 14001 as certified by AJA Europe. 

Safety and its commitment to performance standards has always been at the heart of the Combisafe ethos. Indeed in 1994, Combisafe hosted the first meeting of the technical committee for the European Standard for Temporary Edge Protection Systems (EN 13374) in Östersund, Sweden. Continued technical input and industry experience has been ongoing to ensure resulting quality standards are improved, and continued product enhancement is made, whilst maintaining communication with major end user customers in the industry. 

 Benefits of Certification Quality Standards

Combisafe has been involved in some high profile, prestigious projects including the building of London’s The Shard, The Gherkin, The London 2012 Olympic Village and the regeneration of some of London’s mainline stations. At the heart of each of these complex construction projects has been the quality and safety standards, which have underpinned each stage in their development.

Indeed Combisafe has been able to submit tenders to secure new business, with the confidence that it has robust certification quality standards in place. Potential contractors are looking for organisations that can demonstrate set criteria and methodology in their workflow and project management, in addition to expertise in the sector.

Combisafe is working in an international construction market, so it is even more valuable to have internationally recognised certification in place such as ISO 9001 to reassure customers that documented quality procedures are followed, and that a quality management system is in place.

Indeed John Impey, Group IMS Manager for Combisafe, said “the quality standards and certification has enabled Combisafe to win contracts across the private and public sectors in the UK and abroad. These standards are integral to the control and management of all project documentation, providing intelligent data for the management system, maintaining customer satisfaction levels and handling any customer problems in a structured and controlled manner.”

He also said that “working to strict quality standards ensures that any product quality issues can be more easily identified, along with trends and patterns relating to the products being used. All products can be traced back to source, so any issues can be effectively managed. Safety is paramount.  Above all, working to robust quality certification ensures the projects are managed efficiently and effectively, with proven cost savings to the bottom line.”

 Savings and Efficiency

The regular audits of processes and procedures within the organisation mean that Combisafe is able to realise efficiency savings to ensure there is no noticeable on-cost to the end customer. The annual review of all processes provides the organisation with the opportunity to refine their processes to continue to attain the highest standards of service, to review product lines and suppliers and to ensure that all management reporting is up to date and robust.


Heron Tower, London

Heron Tower, London