» Greyhound Board Accredited by UKAS for Welfare

17 May, 2010

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) has accredited the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB), ensuring the welfare of British racing dogs. Ahead of the Welfare of Racing Greyhounds Regulations, which came into place in April 2010, GBGB was accredited to EN45011 (product certification).

The GBGB has been in discussions with UKAS since early 2009 to develop an accreditation that would meet the requirements of the welfare regulations. These introduce welfare standards for all greyhound racing tracks in England, guaranteeing that appropriate veterinary care and kennels are available, as well as covering areas such as the recording of injuries and micro-chipping.

Licensed greyhound racing tracks and their operation have to meet the requirements of the GBGB Rules of Racing, which include the requirements of the Regulations. GBGB have set up the system of checking the tracks as a product certification scheme, with the on-site visit to tracks termed ‘Inspections’. The UKAS assessment covered the systems and processes of the certification body of GBGB and involved visiting greyhound racing tracks to observe inspections.

David Hayward, Accreditation Manager, Development at UKAS said: “UKAS is delighted to be able to help guarantee that England’s racing dogs are looked after properly. Greyhound racing is a source of pleasure for many people, and it is only right that everyone involved should be able to have confidence that the dogs are receiving proper standards of care and that there is a fully traceable and accountable system in place to ensure this. This accreditation means the one thing that certainly won’t be ‘going to the dogs’ is animal welfare.”

John Blake, Director of Accreditation at GBGB said: “To become the first UK sport to achieve UKAS accreditation, and on schedule, is a tribute to the team at GBGB. External verification of the regulator’s competence, impartiality and performance capability should instil confidence in GBGB’s role as licensor and inspector of racecourses. It was very satisfying to hear UKAS confirm that GBGB was fit for purpose when measured against an internationally agreed standard and for them to note the development and improvement of new procedures and documentation.”