» Microgeneration Certification Scheme delivers confidence to DECC

09 March, 2015

With the growth in products for the domestic generation of renewable energy (eg micro-wind turbines, solar panels etc) there were demands for regulation to protect consumers from ineffective products and installation. Instead of regulating, the Government introduced the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). Under the MCS, manufacturers and installers of microgeneration products are required to be certified as compliant by independent certification bodies which, in turn, are required to be accredited by UKAS. 


The MCS is operated for the Government by Gemserve Ltd, a private company. The standards and scheme requirements are drawn up in Working Groups comprising product and installer representatives, consumer groups, trade associations and technical experts from across the microgeneration and renewable industry. In order to access the Government’s finance schemes and incentives for renewable energy, both the installed product and the installation company must be MCS certified. The scheme, underpinned by UKAS accreditation, gives confidence to consumers and Government alike of the effectiveness of microgeneration products and installations.