» PM acknowledges mutual recognition

08 March, 2018

UKAS was pleased to note that in her Mansion House speech on 2nd March 2018 the Prime Minister, Theresa May, recognised that following the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union it was vitally important to “ensure that, as now, products need only undergo one series of approvals, in one country to show that they meet the required regulatory standards”. She also stated that this could only be achieved by “a comprehensive system of mutual recognition.” 

UKAS has been working closely with the Government Departments dealing with Brexit communicating the importance of accreditation to the national economy, and more specifically, how the mutual recognition of certificates issued by UKAS and by UKAS accredited organisations, reduce the need for multiple assessments and so reduce barriers to trade. It is very important therefore that they are factored in to future trade agreements. It is encouraging that the Government seems to have understood these messages and intends to ensure that mutual recognition agreements form part of ongoing negotiations.  UKAS is not complacent however recognising that negotiations are at early stage . We continue to reiterate the importance of standards and accreditation as part of our regular discussions with Government Ministers and officials.

The full text of the Prime Minister’s speech can be found at  https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/pm-speech-on-our-future-economic-partnership-with-the-european-union.

Further information about UKAS’ response to Brexit can be found at https://www.ukas.com/customer-area/ukas-and-brexit/.