» New Guide to Stack Emissions Monitoring Published

02 March, 2010

A guide to selecting competent bodies to perform stack emissions monitoring has been published by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Aimed at anyone with a permit from the Environment Agency under the Environmental Permitting Regulations, Stack Emissions Monitoring – Who Can You Trust? sets out simply and quickly the criteria to look for in a third party evaluation organisation.

The Environment Agency requires any organisations providing third-party assessment of stack emissions to hold accreditation to ISO 17025 for MCERTS. The new guide explains the importance of these standards and also sets out the risks of using non-accredited bodies. It also outlines what customers can expect from an accredited assessor.

The brochure demonstrates the fastest and easiest ways to source a suitable assessor for stack emissions. The production of this guide forms part of the UKAS programme to raise awareness of the importance of using accredited services and make procurement as fast and easy as possible.

Jon Murthy, UKAS Marketing Manager said: “Using non-accredited organisations for stack emissions monitoring means running many risks, not least that the Environment Agency will refuse to accept their report. Accredited organisations have demonstrated that they are impartial, have technically competent personnel, employ best practice, have appropriate resources and meet the highest standards. Where important issues like stack emissions are concerned, customers want to know that they are receiving the best possible service, and UKAS is helping them to find it.”

The guide is available in PDF format as a free download from the Information Centre area of the UKAS website.