» NHS England Learning Environment – UKAS Healthcare Accreditation Supporting Commissioners

24 December, 2014

UKAS accreditation is a mark of quality that can be used by Commissioners to easily identify safe, efficient and patient-focused services. Accreditation supports Commissioners in the delivery of informed and effective purchasing, good governance and public confidence.

To raise awareness with Commissioners about how UKAS accreditation can be used as an essential tool in decision making, UKAS accreditation is now listed on ‘The Learning Environment’.

The Learning Environment, delivered by NHS England and the NHS Commissioning Assembly, is a web-based tool that provides a central point of information where CCG’s can easily access a wide range of support and development opportunities.

‘The Directory’ area of the site brings together a variety of ‘offers’ of development and commissioning support from a range of organisations and networks.

UKAS healthcare accreditation schemes, such as the Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme (ISAS) and Improving Quality in Physiological Services (IQIPS), now feature as an offer in the directory detailing how accreditation can be used to support Commissioners in their work.

To find out more about The Learning Environment and to see all UKAS offers in The Directory, visit www.learnenv.england.nhs.uk