» Private Security Authority, Ireland – Expression of Interest Notice

23 March, 2017

PSA (Private Security Authority, Ireland) requirements:

  • PSA 28 Door supervision and security guarding
  • PSA 39 Event security
  • PSA 42 Private Investigator

UKAS has been informed by the Private Security Authority that auditing and certification to these schemes will need to be carried out by accredited certification bodies.

UKAS is liaising with INAB (the Irish National Accreditation Body), and with PSA over the assessment of UKAS accredited certification bodies certifying to these standards to ensure a consistent approach to the assessments required.

The assessment for the extension of scope for these standards will include the following (which is in line with the approach adopted by INAB):

PSA 28 (manned guarding) – Witnessing of one audit at security company HQ

PSA 39 (event security) – Witnessing of one audit at security company HQ

Witnessing of the on-site element (where the security work is being conducted) of either one of the above (but not both) will suffice, as in each case it’s just to check that the security personnel on site have satisfactory ID, instructions, backup, etc. It should not be necessary to witness the on-site element for both schemes.

If the Certification Body (CB) can provide a single client that is certified for both of the above, one audit covering both schemes can be witnessed.

PSA 42 – Witnessing of one audit at security company HQ. There is no on-site element to this.

We don’t anticipate the need to conduct additional visits to the CB’s Head Office – this can be picked up at their next routine surveillance visit – unless the CB specifically wants accreditation in a faster timescale.

Once accreditation for these schemes has been granted, they will be included in the UKAS Forward Plans for each CB. Each scheme will require a witnessed assessment over the four year accreditation cycle, and will also be assessed at Head Office visits.

Please submit your application for extensions to scope to cover the relevant PSA schemes to UKAS on form AC1, (send to alison.severn@ukas.com) by the deadline of 1 April 2017. UKAS will then plan the assessments.

UKAS will notify the PSA that applications for the relevant standards have been received and will need to keep them informed of progress with the assessments.