» Technical Bulletin – Certification Body Activities in China – Coronavirus Outbreak

31 January, 2020

This Bulletin concerns UKAS accredited Certification Bodies with activities in China.

You will be aware of the current situation in China regarding the escalating effects of the Coronavirus outbreak. In response UKAS has temporarily ceased all travel to China, and we have been informed by the Chinese accreditation body (CNAS) that they are suspending on-site assessments. As the picture develops, we expect that CBs are also considering how to deal with any commitments that they have in China, and potentially elsewhere, while travel restrictions are in place.

CBs should be aware of the UKAS Technical Policy Statement -TPS 62 - which sets out CB obligations when dealing with such situations. This TPS is based upon IAF Informative Document IAF ID 3 Management of Extraordinary Events or Circumstances Affecting ABs, CABs and Certified Organizations, and CBs should take this TPS into consideration when deciding on a strategy for maintaining certification in areas that cannot be accessed.

As part of the normal assessment activities UKAS will assess the implementation and ongoing effectiveness of the management of any special arrangements.

Please note sector schemes may have additional requirements that must continue to be met.

TPS 62 Management of Extraordinary Events or Circumstances Affecting UKAS Accredited Certification Bodies and their Certified Organisations


Should you require any clarification on the subject covered by this bulletin, please contact; your Assessment Manager, Kevin Belson, Technical Manager - kevin.belson@ukas.com or Steve Randall, Accreditation Specialist - Certification - steve.randall@ukas.com


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