» UKAS accreditation of verification bodies for EU ETS phase III

01 January, 2013

EU ETS phase III commences January 1st 2013 and verification of emissions for 2013 will be provided by UKAS accredited verification bodies.

UKAS has established the arrangements for verification bodies to apply for and achieve an extension to their accreditation for verification of emissions under the phase III requirements.

UKAS has invited all current accredited verification bodies to apply for extension to scope and be included in a pilot programme which will run throughout 2013 and into first quarter of 2014.

In accordance with UKAS development projects, the phase III pilot programme will be completed for all verification bodies and accreditation will be confirmed for EU ETS phase III on the same day, for those verification bodies successfully completing the UKAS assessment and meeting the requirements for phase III.

The existing accredited bodies for EU ETS have a proven history with UKAS. They will be assessed by UKAS during 2013 in order to extend their scope for phase III, and as with the previous phases are expected to achieve the extension to scope within the required deadlines. Accreditation for ISO 14065 for EU ETS phase III will be announced for all successful bodies by March 15th 2014, at the latest thus ensuring operators will be able to submit their 2013 emissions reports which have been verified by a UKAS accredited verification body holding accreditation for phase III before end March 2014.