» UKAS Announces first accreditations for Verification under the Forestry Commission Woodland Carbon Code

27 July, 2017

On 18 July 2017 UKAS announced the first accreditations against ISO 14065 for verification of assertions about carbon sequestration in accordance with the Forestry Commission Woodland Carbon Code. Organisations have already been accredited for validation of woodland projects, and this announcement adds verification to the accreditation of organisations for this scheme. Details of the scope of accreditation for each verification body can be found on the individual accreditation schedules on the UKAS website.

The accredited validation/verification bodies are:

  • Acoura Certification Limited
  • Soil Association Certification Limited

Accreditation under ISO 14065 for validation/verification against the Code is now open to all applicants. Potential applicants should consult the How to Apply section of the UKAS website.

Existing accredited bodies should consult their UKAS Assessment Manager in the first instance.

For further information about the Forestry Commission Woodland Carbon Code, please go to the website https://www.forestry.gov.uk/carboncode or contact Vicky West (vicky.west@forestry.gsi.gov.uk).

For further information about the accreditation project contact the Project Manager Janet Gascoigne (janet.gascoigne@ukas.com). Please note that UKAS is unable to enter into discussion about the progress of individual applications for accreditation except directly with the applicant verification body involved.