» UKAS grants first accreditation for fairgrounds and amusement park inspections

07 June, 2013

The UK’s first accreditation for the inspection of fairground and amusement park devices has been granted by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service), the National Accreditation Body. Jacobs UK Ltd received accredited status following successful completion of the pilot project, which was started in late 2011.

As the first accreditation of its kind, a bespoke set of standards were created. The internationally recognised ISO/IEC 17020 general criteria for the operation of inspection was used as the basis for the UKAS assessment, with UKAS using additional industry expertise and technical advice in the assessment of onsite performance. Jacobs will conduct its inspection activities in accordance with a combination of HSG 175 (Fairgrounds and Amusement Parks: Guidance on Safe Practice) and the applicable parts of BS EN 13814:2004 (Fairground and Amusement Part Machinery and Structure).

On receiving accredited status, Harvey Fisher, Engineer (Structures) at Jacobs said. “We have been working in the field of fairground inspections for a number of years and are delighted to be the first company in the UK to be awarded UKAS accreditation for this activity. Accreditation such as this enhances a company's reputation as an inspection body and ultimately leads to a higher level of confidence for the park operators and general public using the rides that have been inspected.”

Andrew Ross, Accreditation Manager, Engineering Inspection at UKAS said. “The creation of the pilot project for the accreditation of fairground and amusement park devices demonstrates that accreditation is constantly evolving into new industry sectors. Successful completion of the assessment process by Jacobs means that accreditation continues to help deliver confidence in a wide variety of innovative processes.”

Following the granting of accredited status to Jacobs, UKAS is planning to work with ADIPS (Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme) to further improve safety and confidence in fairground and amusement parks. ADPIS is the industry’s self-regulated inspection scheme which registers ride inspectors and the devices they inspect. The aim is to establish a scheme for the accreditation of single person inspection bodies working in the fairground and amusement park industry.