Into the future with confidence

How accredited conformity assessment can benefit Canada-U.K trading relationship

Accreditation benefits food safety, medical testing, emerging technologies, and many other industries that impact our daily lives. High-quality accreditation services help to underpin the credibility, safety, and performance of goods and services – providing confidence and trust in international trade.

On May 27th, the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) are hosting a joint webinar on how accredited conformity assessment facilitates trade. This timely discussion comes as SCC and UKAS recently renewed our cooperation agreement and the Canada-United Kingdom Trade Continuity Agreement has come into force. These set the stage to engage in a discussion on our roles as National Accreditation bodies, our collaboration, and the benefits it brings to trade as we move forward. Our panel will also highlight the broader social and economic importance of conformity assessment and assurances the international system provides.

Join us to learn how accreditation bodies are working together to help facilitate trade in current and emerging areas, to ensure we enter the future with confidence.

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