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BEIS provide further detail on transition from CE markings to UKCA

Following the recent publication of updated guidance from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) regarding the UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) and UK(NI) marking processes and requirements, UKAS is in discussions with BEIS and other Competent Authorities to finalise the process and procedure for accreditation in support of UKCA Approved Body status. Once the process has been confirmed UKAS will publish further information including any required actions for existing and applicant conformity assessment bodies (CABs).

It is intended that transition of existing UK Notified Bodies for the purposes of CE Marking to Approved Bodies for the purposes of UKCA marking will be as seamless as possible and UK Notified Bodies will not have to make a formal application to have their existing scope transferred.

Other CABs that are not currently appointed as Notified Bodies may apply to UKAS for accreditation to be recognised as a UKCA Approved.

UKAS Publication P16 is being updated to provide UKAS policy on Accreditation for the Purposes of Appointment under the UKCA System and a detailed draft will shortly be available on the UKAS website for public consultation.

The BEIS update provides important information on the transition from CE marking to the UKCA mark now that the UK has left the EU (link).

There is also guidance on what to do during the transition period (link), which comes to an end at the close of the year.

The guidance explains that the UKCA marking is the new UK product marking to be used for goods placed on the market in England, Wales and Scotland, covering most goods that would previously have required CE marking.

Note that there is separate guidance for medical devicesrail interoperabilityconstruction products and civil explosives.

Additional information is available for goods placed on the Northern Ireland market (link).

This information will clarify whether producers and importers will need to use the new UKCA marking and explains that in most cases the CE marking will be accepted until 1st January 2022, in order to allow businesses time to adjust to these new requirements.

When and how to use the new marking is covered in this guidance, along with rules for using the UKCA image and the ability to download the image.

The required technical documentation is also covered, along with further information around the future use of product marking in the UK, clarifying that from 1st January 2022 the outgoing CE marking will no longer be recognised.