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Bureau Veritas Certification congratulates UKAS on our 25th anniversary

“It has been a long way we have walked together since Bureau Veritas Certification Holding, through its UK Branch, became accredited by UKAS to deliver management systems certification, from the core ISO 9001 to the niched ISO 37001.

UKAS global recognition is sought by our clients in all of the 90 countries we operate as an accredited Certification Body.

The level of professionalism and rigour presented by UKAS personnel is unparalleled and only adds to the value and reputation of our accreditation.

In addition UKAS has demonstrated a real and appreciated open-mindedness to innovation, either in supporting us along new schemes (ISO 27701 for example) and in Internet Communications tools used for UKAS remote assessments and clients remote auditing. This was a key factor to face the Covid-19 pandemic period.

For that, we would like to congratulate UKAS for its 25 years and wish to be working together for next 25 years.


Philippe Jeanmart

President Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS

Managing Director Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS UK Branch”