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Accreditation of CDCs – webinar available

NHS England has created CDC Community – a forum to connect those involved in the development of Community Diagnostic Centres in England, enabling them to collaborate, share learning and tacit knowledge, and to develop expertise.

CDC Community will run a programme of online themed events featuring relevant presentations to provide information as well as providing opportunities for participants to share learning and discuss innovative ideas to improve the delivery of diagnostics to patients via CDCs. This work will be supported by a discussion and sharing space on NHS Futures. Sessions are open to all those involved in planning, developing and delivering CDCs at regional, system and provider level.

UKAS will be joining the first of these sessions at 12 pm on Wednesday 12th July to discuss the accreditation journey for CDCs.

Accreditation drives confidence by ensuring systems are in place for competent, safe, effective, and continually improving services.  This is vital for CDCs as they become established as part of the NHS diagnostic landscape, and CDCs are asked to ensure accreditation is met for their modalities within two years of operational go live.

UKAS will provide a brief overview of the accreditation journey and will be available to answer questions.  

You can register for the event with the following form link.  A MS Teams link will be sent closer to the event date.