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First accreditation for Forensic Cell Site Analysis granted

UKAS has accredited the first organisation in the UK to undertake Forensic Cell Site Analysis activities to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025, including consideration of ILAC G19, UKAS Publication LAB 13, and the Forensic Science Regulators Code of Practice and Conduct (including FSR-C-135).

Following a second development pilot assessment programme, which started in 2021, two Forensic Units were assessed with IntaForensic Ltd successfully gaining accreditation.

The development pilot assessment programme was aimed to support the Forensic Science Regulator (FSR) in determining the applicable quality assurance mechanism for Cell Site Analysis; and for UKAS to establish the appropriate international standard to use for the assessment of this activity.  As a result of the pilot project the FSR has defined the accreditation requirements for Forensic Cell Site Analysis under the Forensic Science Activity Geolocation Analysis.

Announcing the accreditation, David Compton, Section Head for Development at UKAS said: “I would like to thank all the Forensic Units that have been involved in the initial and later development pilot programmes as this has enabled UKAS to confirm that ISO/IEC 17025 is the most applicable standard for the accreditation of Forensic Cell Site Analysis Activities.  We have also established a proportionate and robust approach to our assessments.  I would like to congratulate IntaForensics Ltd on achieving the first accreditation.  This marks a significant step in supporting the FSR requirements for all Forensic Cell Site Analysis activities to be underpinned by accreditation and provide confidence in the evidence entering the Criminal Justice System”

In achieving the first accreditation IntaForensics have provided the following comment:

“It is difficult to express our immense pride at not only achieving this particular accreditation from UKAS but to be the first organisation in the UK to do so is a hugely significant milestone in the history of IntaForensics.  It has been achieved following painstaking and focused commitment, delivered by our Head of the Digital Investigation Unit, Carl Osborne, supported by his deputy, Steph Curwen, and the Cell Site and Quality Management teams, every one of whom should take time to reflect on their magnificent contribution.

IntaForensics would like to thank David Compton and his UKAS technical team for their commitment to this pilot scheme and leading the developments of Cell Site Analysis accreditation.  The process has driven, improved and shaped our Cell Site Analysis methodology whilst UKAS’s continued assessment process allows us to demonstrate our technical competence and offers confidence in our accredited operations, as detailed on our schedule of accreditation.”


For more information about the Forensic Cell Site Analysis development project and further guidance on applying for accreditation please click here.