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UKAS CertCheck – one year on

CertCheck, UKAS’s free-to-use online database of management system certifications, has now been live for a year.

Containing over 400,000 certifications from over 250,000 certified entities, CertCheck provides a quick and easy way for organisations to check the accredited status of the management certifications their supply chains rely upon, also allowing them to set alerts that proactively notify them of any changes in the status of accredited certifications in their supply chain.

In addition to expediting the checking process in supply chain management, UKAS CertCheck has also helped identify false claims of UKAS accreditation, as well as counterfeit certifications; helping UKAS to improve on the protections available to procurement bodies and the end-users of accredited certification services. This has also bolstered trust and confidence in the value of accredited certification.

Feedback on CertCheck during this first year has been positive. Paul Scully, Minister for Tech and the Digital Economy at the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, described the value of the system:

“It’s important that businesses and their suppliers meet the correct standards in the service or products they provide, and CertCheck will help them to verify just that.”

Similarly supportive is Vince Desmond, CEO of the Chartered Quality Institute:

“This is a game changer. Quality professionals and their organisations often have to deal with unaccredited and even counterfeit certifications. Making this tool available to relevant people in the business will help hugely.”

UKAS has also listened to feedback from the Certification Bodies uploading their data to the database. In response we have developed a range of useful assets, including social media graphics, web banners and email signatures that registered Certification Bodies can download when they are logged into CertCheck.

This ‘asset pack’ will help the customers of these Certification Bodies understand why this is important and of benefit to them. It is UKAS’s intention to regularly update and expand this asset pack, helping Certification Bodies keep their content fresh and relevant.

UKAS has also created two videos to support the rollout of CertCheck. The first video introduces the database, providing an overview of the key features and benefits that it provides. The second video goes into further detail, providing guidance on how to get the best from UKAS CertCheck.

UKAS has also been mindful of the feedback we have received from end-users of the system. In light of this an improvement has been made, which allows users of CertCheck to conduct their entire weekly allowance of searches in a shorter timeframe. This adjustment prevents the interruption of user workflow without reducing the existing system protections for data scraping.

Signing up to a free CertCheck account enables increased search volumes and the ability to track the certification of key suppliers, getting automated notifications when any aspect of their status changes. CertCheck can increase the efficiency of your supplier management and your assurance of their quality and compliance. You can sign-up for your free account here.