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UKAS eLearning: one year on

eLearning has revolutionised the way individuals and organisations acquire knowledge and skills. In the realm of accreditation, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) embraced this trend by launching its eLearning portfolio in July 2022. This comprehensive suite of courses aims to support customers, stakeholders, and interested parties in navigating the complexities of accreditation.  

UKAS’s Instructional Design Specialist, Rachel Boyer-Blanchard has carefully designed the eLearning portfolio to address the areas where customers often struggle in accreditation, and is suitable for customers working in laboratories, certification, standards, and management systems. Upon the launch, UKAS introduced eight courses that covered a wide range of topics. These courses include: 

  • Conformity Assessment Schemes (CAS) Setting the Scene 
  • Ensuring the Validity of Results 
  • Identification, Documentation, and Management of Risk 
  • Introduction to Measurement Uncertainty 
  • Introduction to Metrological Traceability 
  • Key Components of a Quality Management System 
  • Measurement Uncertainty Insights and Pitfalls in ISO 15189 
  • Medical Laboratories Quality Assurance and Control 

Each course is meticulously designed to provide learners with valuable insights and practical knowledge in these crucial areas. The eLearning format offers the flexibility for learners to enhance their expertise at their own pace and convenience, bridging the gap between busy schedules and the need for continuous learning. 

Positive feedback from early adopters 

The initial response to UKAS’s eLearning courses has been overwhelmingly positive. Early customers have praised the courses for their accessibility and effectiveness. One learner who completed the “Measurement Uncertainty” course described it as “easy to follow and very helpful.” Another learner found the “Ensuring the Validity of Results” course to be “very helpful and eye-opening,” recognising its potential to enhance their career and role. These testimonials highlight the value that UKAS’s eLearning courses bring to learners in terms of practical knowledge and professional development. 

Expertise on-demand 

UKAS Training Academy’s eLearning suite is a testament to our commitment to sharing the expertise of UKAS’s subject matter experts. By making their knowledge available online and on-demand, UKAS ensures that learners can access the highest quality accreditation education 24/7. The convenience and flexibility of this approach empowers learners to deepen their understanding of accreditation principles and practices whenever they need it. 

Expanding the eLearning portfolio 

The launch of the initial eight courses was only the beginning of UKAS’s eLearning journey. We have continued to expand the offering with the following courses: 

  • Decision Rules and Statements of Conformity 
  • CAS Module 2 – Conformity assessment schemes/programmes (CAS) – The development and maintenance of a CAS 
  • The Accreditation Journey  
  • Nonconforming work, cause and extent 
  • Micro-module – Training and Competency  
  • Micro module – Auditor/Assessor Skills  
  • Micro module – Validation and verification in Medical Laboratories/POCT v2 ISO 15189:2022 
  • CAS Module 3a – ISO/IEC 17065 Certification of Product/Process/Service Schemes 
  • CAS Module 3b – ISO/IEC 17020 Inspection schemes 
  • CAS Module 3c – ISO/IEC 17024 Certification of persons schemes 

UKAS aims to ensure that learners have access to comprehensive resources that address their specific needs and challenges.  As well as having a pipeline for developing new modules, we are continually reviewing and revising existing modules in line with Standard updates. 

Collaborating to shape the future of eLearning. 

UKAS values the input and suggestions of its customers and stakeholders. We actively encourage collaboration and welcome ideas for future course development. If there are areas that learners would like UKAS to consider, they are encouraged to get in touch with the team by sending an email to share their thoughts and suggestions. 

Accessing UKAS eLearning courses 

To find out more about the available eLearning courses and to book your place, visit the UKAS eLearning page. The page provides comprehensive information on each course, allowing learners to make informed decisions about their accreditation education journey. 

Discounts for multiple users 

UKAS recognises the importance of training teams and organisations in accreditation. To encourage group learning, UKAS offers discounts for multiple users. For more information on group discounts and to discuss specific requirements, learners can contact the UKAS team or call +44 (0) 1784 429018. 

The future of accreditation education: embracing eLearning 

The success of UKAS’s eLearning portfolio is a testament to the growing demand for flexible, convenient, and accessible education in the field of accreditation. With its comprehensive range of courses, UKAS is empowering learners to enhance their knowledge and skills, ultimately ensuring consistently high standards in the quality of products and services across various industries. By embracing eLearning, UKAS is shaping the future of accreditation education, making it more accessible and effective than ever before. 

As learners continue to engage with UKAS’s eLearning courses, we remain committed to refining and expanding these offerings. By listening to the needs of its customers and stakeholders, UKAS will continue to provide valuable resources that support the growth and development of accreditation professionals worldwide.