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Expression of Interest – Mitigating Malicious Use of Vehicles

Call for expression of interest for Accredited Certification of Commercial Vehicle Operators against PAS 29000:2021 (Mitigating Security Risk from Malicious Use)

06 January, 2021

UKAS is working with the Department for Transport to establish a project to develop ISO/IEC 17065:2012 accreditation for organisations wishing to deliver process or service certification to PAS 29000:2021 Commercially operated vehicles –Framework for mitigating security risks from malicious use – Specification which will provide general requirements for commercial vehicle operators to identify and mitigate risks and implement security measures to reduce the likelihood of vehicles in their charge being used in terrorist attacks or in organised crime. This PAS is currently in the consultation phase but is planned to be published in March 2021. This project is part of a broader Department for Transport, Road Transport Security Programme covering different elements of road transport security.

UKAS is currently gauging the potential level of interest in this area so would like to hear from organisations and technical experts that may wish to either become an accredited certification body or support UKAS as a stakeholder to provide expertise and support to the development of accreditation criteria and process. Likewise, we would like to hear from certification bodies and technical experts who may be able to assist DfT in identifying specific scheme requirements to deliver a consistent certification between operators and also between certification bodies.

Organisations that wish to learn more or participate in the development of accredited certification of operators against PAS 29000 are requested to contact Emily Robinson by 12th February 2021 and provide the following information:

  • Name of Organisation
  • Confirm whether your interest is in assisting with the development of the   assessment/or as a potential pilot project applicant
  • Status of any current accreditation or certification

Those organisations that submit an expression of interest will be invited to attend the meeting of interested parties where the terms of the project will be discussed along with a proposed timeline for key stages and any phased approach process that is deemed necessary.

Please note that submitting an expression of interest does not indicate any commitment to participate in the project on the part of the interested parties and nor does the acceptance of an expression of interest commit UKAS to accept the interested party on any future pilot project.