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First ISO 14065:2013 accreditation for PAS 2060:2014 specification for the demonstration of carbon neutrality

The first Verification Body (VB) has been accredited under ISO 14065: 2013 Greenhouse gases – Requirements for greenhouse gas validation and verification bodies to undertake verifications for PAS 2060:2014 Specification for the demonstration of carbon neutrality activities. In addition to the requirements of ISO 14065:2013 the assessment also took account of ISO 14064-1:2018, IAF MD6:2014 and IAF MD14:2014.

The pilot project enabled the UKAS development project team to consider the scoping approach for PAS 2060:2014 taking into consideration the various related documents and sectoral aspects.  It is recognised that further work is needed to refine the approach to scoping PAS 2060:2014 to ensure available descriptions reflect the potential range of objects of conformity assessment.  Once this work has been concluded the approach will be detailed in a communication to be published in the future. In addition, UKAS has used the pilot to determine the assessment approach to be utilised moving forward for this new area of accreditation, including the typical effort that will be needed when considering the full scope of activities covered by PAS 2060:2014.

UKAS is now able to receive applications for this area of accreditation, however due to the changes brought about by the introduction of ISO/IEC 17029:2019 and the updating to ISO 14065:2020, applicants are advised that they will undergo an initial assessment against these standards together with PAS 2060: 2014 taking into consideration the relevant parts of ISO 14064.

The pilot project concluded that initial scoping of this new area would take into consideration three factors, namely:

  • PAS 2060:2014 Annex C Table C.1 “Application” – Organizations.
  • Related standard – ISO 14064-1:2018
  • Sector as applicable detailed in IAF MD14:2014 Annex A

Therefore, applicant bodies are required to provide these details on their application form together with documentation, including details of their competence criteria for their applied for scope.

For further information please contact the UKAS Development Project Manager Steve Randall.