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Updated Memorandum of Understanding signed between UKAS and the Department of Business and Trade 

In September, the Department of Business and Trade (DBT) and UKAS signed an updated Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Matt Gantley, CEO of UKAS, and Craig Watson, Deputy Director in the Office for Product Safety and Standards, signed the document with the objective to reinforce the national accreditation service through the commitment of both organisations to work collaboratively. 

The updated MoU between UKAS and DBT outlines the national framework within which UKAS operates. The impact of the MoU is to enhance confidence and trust in products and services, for businesses and consumers, by providing independent and reliable accreditation. 

Key outcomes of the updated MoU 

The updated MoU between UKAS and the DBT will enable several key outcomes that both organisations are committed to achieving. These include: 

  1. Promoting best practice: UKAS and the DBT will work together to promote best practice in accreditation and conformity assessment. 
  2. Enhancing access to global markets: the recognition of mutual equivalence will reduce technical barriers to trade, facilitating trade and economic growth and improving access to international markets for UKAS-accredited organisations. 
  3. Supporting regulatory compliance: the collaboration between UKAS and DBT will assist organisations to meet regulatory requirements. 
  4. Maintaining independence and impartiality: the MoU supports UKAS’s maintenance of its independence, impartiality and transparency in its operations, which in turn instils confidence and trust in the accreditation and regulatory processes. 

Future collaboration  

The signing of the updated MoU between UKAS and DBT signifies a commitment to collaboration and cooperation for a stronger future. By working together, both organisations will increase their contribution to the growth of the UK economy, facilitating trade, and assuring the quality and safety of products and services.